Your chimney crown, also referred to as the mortar cap, plays an important role and should be designed and installed by a professional. The chimney crown tops off the masonry walls of the chimney with a small concrete roof that stops water from seeping into the bricks and mortar of the chimney. Many chimney related fires are due to the size and construction of the crown.

Keep an Eye Out

Many homes in the San Francisco Bay Area have a basic chimney topped with concrete or cement cap that doesn’t expand as needed. When the heat escapes upwards through the chimney, the flue expands. This may cause the seal to pop all at once. As a result, the entire crown will be damaged. If the crown isn’t properly sloped, standing water will then percolate down through the gap within the flue ring. It’s vital to perform a roof inspection once or twice each year to check for any signs of a weakened chimney crown.

Our Chimney Repair Services

We offer chimney repairs at a competitive and reasonable rate. Our chimney repair services include crack repairs, interior repairs, masonry water seals, damper replacements, and furnace rebuilds and repairs. At California Chimney, we specialize in crown repair and replacement.

Chimney Crown Replacement

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