Chimney cap with top damper

If you’re looking to enhance your home’s energy efficiency, chimney dampers are a great place to start. Dampers are designed to seal off you chimney flue when it’s not in use, keeping heated or cooled air from escaping your home and venting outside. When the damper is not working properly, energy costs at home can quickly skyrocket. By keeping your damper closed, you can keep your heat exactly where you want it: inside.

At California Chimney, we are skilled at chimney damper inspection, installation, and repair, and we will get the job done, day in and day out.

The Benefits of a Top-Sealing Damper

Chimney dampers are usually located in the throat of a masonry chimney just above the firebox. Many homes feature a damper, but few of these dampers are truly effective at preventing heat and air conditioning from escaping your home through the chimney. A tight seal is crucial if you want your damper to work, and nothing creates a tighter seal than lock-top dampers. That’s where California Chimney comes in.

We offer lock-top dampers that create an airtight seal at the top of your chimney. Lock-tops function as both a damper and a chimney cap, keeping debris, water, and animals out and your hot or cold air in. Our precision installation techniques at California Chimney ensures that your chimney is a worry-free and energy-savvy investment for years to come.

Business with California Chimney

With your estimate from California Chimney, there is no need to worry about unforeseen costs. Our professionals always provide honest recommendations, fair pricing, and reports along the way to guarantee that you know what you’re investing in and why. While some companies ask for tips or try to up-sell unnecessary materials, at California Chimney you will always know what to expect.